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Poultry Farm LED Lighting

5 years warranty time with 80000 hours lifespan.
AC110v/220v, triac dimmable, perfect dimmable function for chiken.
2835 SMD LED, 160-180lm/w, LM80 is avaible.
Different warelength solution for different requirement.
IP67 Waterproof.
CE, FCC, ETL, DLC, Energy label are aviable.
Professional lighting solution is avabile.


Lower lighting costs and maintenance costs. Increase musculoskeletal development and weight gain.Induce earlier maturity for hens to lay eggs.Increase egg output and quality.Regulate reproduction cyscles.Increase length of reproductive life. 

Typical Advantages

Exclusive design and patent protection,private mold made . Techniques and materials that withstand the harsh barn environment. Ip67 waterproof can be periodic cleaning in high-pressure wash-downs.Worldwide top dimmable technology 0.2-100% without flickes.Dimming uniforminity from 0-100% reduces stress on the animal and promotes growth. Mutiple installation mounted & suspended ceiling.THD<20, PF>0.9.5 years guaranteed.








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