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The fan lamp has a fashionable and avant-garde appearance and a unique shape, which is both practical and decorative. 

No matter it is arranged in the living room, dining room or bedroom, it can give people a refreshing feeling. Nowadays, 

the styles and styles of fan lamps are also very diverse, and we can choose according to the decoration style of our house. 

As for what style of home matches what kind of fan lights look good, you can refer to the following types of cases, which 

may give you some inspiration.

1. The style of the fan light in the dining room should be consistent with that of the main light in the living room. If the 

home is more European-style or American-style, you can install a classic wooden leaf fan light in the dining room and 

match it with wooden dining tables and chairs and floors of the same color. , leisurely American atmosphere, easy to 

own. The installation of the chain pendant shows the flexibility of the space and eliminates the sense of rigor. The warm 

lighting and the mild yellow wall naturally create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

2. The fan lamp matches well with the artistic and fresh pastoral home style. The colorful soft decoration of the restaurant, 

full of pastoral style, brings a sense of freshness and comfort to people. The circular ceiling design and the metal fan lamp 

add a touch of retro flavor to the whole space, and also add a few more sub texture. The three flower-shaped lamps are like 

flowers that open downwards, echoing the pastoral style and having a unique taste.

3. The fan lamp can be fresh, retro, delicate, or romantic and childlike. In a child's room with light off-white stripes and 

dark blue accents, it's another style. Fresh and natural, with a touch of romantic Mediterranean style. The dark blue fan 

leaves echo the bed, and there are a little stars and moons on the fan leaves. Under the warm yellow light, they are like 

stars under the blue sky, twinkling, romantic and full of childishness.

4. There is also a combination of fan lights and helicopter shapes, bright colors, cute shapes, full of childlike fun, it can be 

said to be the first choice for children's rooms.

5. The simple fan lamp is more like a pure ceiling fan, with simple fan blades and lamps, no extra decoration, high 

adaptability, and matches many home styles. In the case, the whole body white fan light is simple and beautiful, matched 

with the same light-colored ceiling, the light and light colors eliminate the pressure all over the body, and the fan light 

that looks like the hull of a boat slowly rotates. The ceiling and sea blue furniture form a A relaxing landscape.

6. If the home is in a modern and minimalist style, you can choose invisible fan lights with transparent resin fan blades for the 

fan lights in the restaurant. When the fan is not in use, the arc-shaped blades are automatically retracted on the lamp, which 

is a simple and clean chandelier; when the fan is needed, the remote control turns it on, and the transparent fan blades 

automatically turn out, which is convenient and practical.

7. The minimalist ceiling fan lamp is also very suitable for use in the bedroom besides the dining room. Ceiling fan lamps 

are relatively light and thin in appearance, almost equivalent to the style of ceiling lamps, and do not take up too much 

top space. With a minimalist decoration style, they complement each other, are practical and attractive.



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