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4. Listen to the sound

Noise is the key to test the quality and balance of the fan lamp motor, and it can judge 

whether a fan lamp motor is good or not. When some fan lights are running, they will make 

obvious noises, which makes people crazy. This is because the motor is like the heart of the 

fan light. If the heart is not good, the power of the fan light will be insufficient, resulting in 

high friction and high noise during operation.

Fan lamps using AC motors are generally louder and consume more energy, but are cheap; 

while frequency conversion motors are relatively quiet and consume less energy, but are 

slightly more expensive.

If you go to a physical store to buy, there are usually samples installed, let it run on the 

maximum wind for a period of time (preferably more than 20 minutes), listen to the sound, 

the smaller the sound, the better the quality.

5. Check if there is a reverse function

Ordinary fans can only rotate forward to blow air, but good fan lights can not only rotate 

forward but also reverse, and can be used as an air circulation fan. When the fan light is 

reversed, people can't feel the wind, and it seems that there is no force, but the indoor air is 

already circulating.

In many people's perception, the fan light can only be used in summer, but because of the 

reverse function design, the utilization rate of the fan light is greatly improved, and it can 

be used all year round.

◆Reversing the ventilation in spring, promoting indoor and outdoor air circulation, making 

the indoor air fresher;

◆Used with an air conditioner in summer to accelerate the even distribution of air-conditioning 

in the room and keep the corners of the room cool;

◆During the rainy season, the indoor air humidity is high and the weather is sultry. The fan 

lights are reversed and circulated for ventilation, which can not only dehumidify and dry, but 

also allow the dull air in the room to circulate quickly;

◆Promote the even distribution of indoor heating in winter;


6. Look at the installation height

Pay attention to the floor height before purchasing fan lamps. The floor height generally 

needs to be 2.5 meters or higher, so that the fan blades are at least 2.1 meters away from the

 ground. However, it is recommended to consider the actual situation for houses with duplex 

structures. Among them, it is recommended to use a ceiling fan lamp in the bedroom. The 

main reason is for safety reasons and to avoid the danger of beheading.



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