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The fan is not as good as the number of fan blades. The blades of the wind fan are usually 

between 6 and 12 pieces.

Generally speaking, the one with fewer blades tends to generate greater wind pressure, but 

the running noise is also greater; while the one with more blades is just the opposite.

When purchasing a fan, choose a fan with a reasonable number of blades according to the 

effect we want. In order to achieve the purpose of silence, of course, the fan with as many 

blades as possible is the first choice.

Hopefully my answer is of help to you.

No, the fan should be designed according to the actual application (ceiling fan, table fan, 

ventilation fan, etc.), usually there are several principles;

The energy output is maximized, the larger the fan blades, the more energy required to rotate, 

but too few blades, the generated air volume cannot be satisfied. The production is optimized, 

there are many fans, the production price is high, and the maintenance cost is also high.

The leaves are generally odd in number. Due to the use of an even number of fan blades with 

symmetrical shapes, if the balance is not adjusted properly, resonance is prone to occur, which

 may break the blade or the shaft. So - generally odd number of pieces.

The shape of the blade is a bird's wing, which is designed so that the flow rate of the blade is 

large and the noise is small, which is in line with the principle of fluid mechanics.




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