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The shape of the fan blade is designed according to fluid mechanics, with a long quadrilateral or 

a vine leaf shape.

Fans with four or five blades are quieter than ordinary "three-leaf fans", and the wind blowing is 

much softer;

Generally speaking, the more blades an electric fan has, the better its air supply effect and the 

more energy it needs to rotate.

But there are too few fan blades, and the air volume generated will not meet the needs.

More fans mean higher production costs and correspondingly higher maintenance costs.

Although it will increase the load, the more fan blades, the "wind" can be cut into smaller pieces, 

so that the blown wind is softer and the mute effect is better.

"Five-blade fan" mainly uses the principles of aircraft wings and propellers, and the fans designed 

by using these principles have obvious characteristics of high efficiency and low noise.


In addition, the fan blades of general electric fans are all odd-numbered blades. This is because if 

an even number of fan blades with symmetrical shapes is used and the balance is not adjusted 

properly, it is easy to cause resonance in the system. If the blade material cannot resist the fatigue 

caused by vibration, It will make the blade centrifugal shaft and break, so it is mostly designed as 

an odd-numbered fan blade design that is asymmetrical about the axis.

This principle is commonly used in various fan blade designs including some helicopter propellers.

Electric fans used in households generally have three blades, and the shape of the blades is a 

bird-wing shape (design term). This form of blades has a large flow rate and low noise, which 

conforms to the principles of fluid mechanics. The three blades have a better dynamic balance. It 

is not easy to generate vibration, thereby reducing the wear of the bearing. Extend the service life 

and reduce maintenance costs.



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