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1. Look at security

No matter what product you buy, the most important thing is to pay attention to safety. Safety 

without shaking is the primary criterion for examining whether a fan light is qualified. If the fan 

lamp shakes, there will be a hidden danger of falling, which poses a threat to the safety of family 

members. Good fan lights have multiple reinforcement functions in detail design: such as safety 

wire ropes to prevent the fan lights from falling; there are also reinforcement screws, thickened 

hanging plates, hanger rings, etc. to ensure the smooth operation of the fan lights.

2. Look at the sense of wind and wind speed

As a supplement to the air conditioner, the fan is the most important thing to supply air to cool 

down. If the wind is too weak, it will feel almost painless; but if it is too strong, it will easily cause


Therefore, when choosing a fan lamp, whether the wind is soft or not should become an 

important consideration. The larger the blade of the fan lamp, the wider the blowing range,

 but the speed will be relatively slow, the wind power will decrease instead, and the wind 

feeling will be softer.

When purchasing, you can try to blow directly on the fan lamp under the maximum and 

minimum wind force, and feel the downwind feeling for yourself. The softer the wind feeling, 

the closer to the natural wind, the healthier it is. In addition, try to stand at a far distance 

from the fan lamp to test the air supply range. The farther and wider the air supply distance 

is, the more practical it is.

Relatively speaking, for rooms with poor natural air flow or areas with hot weather, large-sized 

fan lamps can be appropriately selected to achieve a suitable air volume.

3. Look at the lighting

A good fan lamp not only needs to blow air well, but also the lighting function is very important. 

There are several criteria that can help to better judge whether the fan light lighting is acceptable.

In terms of light color, it is best to choose a fan light with dimming function. In this way,

 whether it is a gathering of friends, watching a movie at home, or working at home, under 

the illumination of different light colors, it can create a full sense of atmosphere. Especially if 

it is installed in the bedroom, try to choose a fan light with stepless dimming, you can freely 

control the color temperature and brightness of the light, which can better meet the lighting 

needs of the bedroom.

In terms of lighting, it is best to choose lights with high color rendering. The so-called color 

rendering is the reduction index of the color of the object under the illumination of a lamp. 

If it is installed in the dining area, the food under the high color rendering light will look more

 oily and delicious, and the food will be more delicious!

At the same time, it is necessary to choose a light source product with 3C certification 

guarantee. This mark is usually pasted on the surface of the product or pressed on the product 

by molding. If you look closely, you will find multiple oval "CCC" marks, behind which there is 

a corresponding manufacturer and product. The random code can be checked through the 

National Quality Certification Center.




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