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Smart 5 leaf fan light with CE, FCC

1, the product uses frequency conversion technology, saving about half the power than traditional fans
2, factory-configured 6-speed remote control, with timing functions, forward and reverse, fan and light can be controlled separately.
3, the fan factory has been basically assembled, as long as the simple assembly of several components can be. Installation instructions 4, normal household electrical wiring, a zero-one fire can be arranged. 5, the product is equipped with an installation hanger, safe and solid. 6. For the sake of users, the factory default with 2 boom, can be selectively installed.
7, the motor uses low voltage work, safety does not produce noise, longer life
8, home wall switch can be normal switch lights, without the remote control can also be operated, the fan will have to use the remote control to work. 9, cleaning can be removed can also be directly wiped with a cloth test, easy to take care .





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